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par Luc de Montalte 2020-04-29 13:16:53
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Ça change des brulots publiés par Church Militant.

But then, just as this latest debate looked as if it was finally about about to die down, Church Militant — with its well known history of anti-SSPX bias — threw gas on the fire. Church Militant issued an explosive report, detailing a number of allegations concerning sexual abuse and cover-up within the Society over the years.

(…) The author of the report, Christine Niles, claimed in a social media post related to her report that she had “no hostility” to the Society. Yet she made reference to “SSPX-zealots” in social media posts — where she is known for her combative style — and accused people questioning the tabloid-style approach to the issue of being “pedo-enablers.”


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