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Our Beloved Cardinal of Boston...
par redcamel 2013-02-24 17:03:52
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Our much loved Franciscan Cardinal Archbishop of Boston talks about the conclave. What he says, makes sense to me.

" As I prepare to leave for Rome, I am very grateful for all the promises of prayers I have received.

I realize that there has been much speculation about who will succeed Pope Benedict. However, I deem that to be very fanciful. Instead, we should be concentrating on praying for the Holy Spirit to help and guide the cardinals so that we will elect the person the Church needs at this moment.

I know people like to root for the home team — who wouldn’t want the pope to come from their home diocese — and, of course, I am honored to participate in the conclave. But, I assure everyone, no cardinal goes to the conclave with ambitions to be elected the Holy Father. Our only ambition is to try to be open to God’s grace so that we can make the right decision."

Quoted from his Blog

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